Established in 2020

Freedove was founded by Jessica Freeman Huish. Through hardships of her own (learn more here), she realized, like her, others needed safe, affordable and accessible resources to develop the skills necessary for optimal emotional, spiritual and mental health. 


She has over 15 years of experience in creative marketing and has also developed online educational courses for universities. She holds a Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Learning Sciences from Utah State University. Jessica married Jared Huish in 2008 and is the mother of 4 young boys.


Nothing is more important to Jessica than her family, her faith and Freedove. She enjoys spending time in the mountains near her home, creating art through a variety of mediums and participating in athletic activities. 

Along with Jessica, the Freedove contributors and team invite you to join their community of courage and resilience.


At Freedove we celebrate and promote the resilience of the human spirit through inspirational storytelling, artwork and education. 



We aim to improve individual’s overall health and well-being through affordable and easy-to-use online learning services and inspirational artwork. We are strengthened through our hardships and celebrate the resilience of every human through storytelling. In the Freedove community, we lovingly connect to ourselves and one another; demonstrating courage as we rely on each other for help. By the same token, we give generously to those in need.


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