jack & Jackie, Utah, USA

We recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary!

Having small children was really challenging on our relationship. There were differences of opinion concerning discipline and house rules for the children. There were the difficulties of trying to make a living to support the family. Then along came the teenage years and new issues with the kids surfaced.

To be honest, there were many years when it didn’t seem like it could possibly work long-term. It wasn’t until a few years ago when the kids moved out of the house and we became “empty nesters” that things began to change for us. We’re better friends now than we have been for a long time. We are both sports lovers, and enjoy spending time together in the evening, watching our favorite sports teams compete.

We look back on the many years of a struggling relationship and are thankful we hung on to experience this next chapter of a marriage that is working better than ever. It’s not easy, but it was worth it for us!

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